Instructor: Bro. Ray Antoni *Missionary to the 10/40 Window

This Seminar will answer:

What is Islam?
What do Muslims really believe?
Are God and Allah the same deity?
Why did Mohammed write the Quran?
Does the Quran mention Jesus, Christians or the bible? If so, what does it say?
How can we successfully navigate a Muslim’s view of Jesus, Christians and the Bible to help bring them into The Kingdom.

About our Instructor:

Since 2006 Bro. Ray has trained, equipped and mobilized thousands of church planters in the Middle East and 10/40 Window. He has effectively done this in more than a dozen Muslim majority countries in that region of the world.
Please join us for insight from years of experience in understanding Islam and witnessing to our Muslims friends. There will be time for questions and answers.
Where: Your Church Here Date / Time: Sat, Sept. 12. from 6-9pm
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